After getting divorced from my husband

It had been a difficult year for me and my two kids. After getting divorced from my husband, I was struggling to make ends meet and keep a roof over our heads. With two evictions on my record, no landlord wanted to approve me – not even for the smallest places. We had been living in motels trying to stay afloat but that depleted most of what little money I had saved up.

Desperate times called for desperate measures, so one day when I heard about this company that could possibly help people like myself get into homes with bad credit history, I knew it was worth a shot. Despite having very little money left after paying off all those motel bills, I gathered enough funds together and decided to give them a call.

The process started out by simply filling out their online forms which asked questions about how many bedrooms we needed as well as any other details related to our situation. Within a few days, they were able to apply me for a 3-bedroom property which seemed impossible given my current circumstances! Needless to say, within just weeks we were approved and soon moved into our new home!

I cannot thank this company enough for giving us hope in such dire times – if it wasn’t for them taking a chance on me despite having bad credit, who knows where we would have ended up?

After getting divorced from my husband

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